Buying A Farm: Why It's A Good Idea To Hire A Surveyor

Posted on: 12 October 2016

Making the decision to purchase and run a farm can be a daunting one. Not only is it a sizable investment, but you'll expend a great deal of effort into growing crops that can feed you and provide a profit for your family. A land surveyor may not immediately seem necessary as you are searching for the right property, but their assistance can provide the guidance you need to make a smart investment in a suitable farm that can sustain your family.
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Choose The Right Work Boots When You First Start Out In Construction

Posted on: 15 June 2016

When you work in construction, it is very important that you protect your feet by wearing the right work boots. Many people assume that any boots will be suitable for working on a construction site, but that is not the case. If you plan to start a new career doing construction, use the guide below to learn how to choose the perfect set of work boots. Choose Boots with Toe Protection
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Need To Do Some Landscaping And Have A Lot Of Trees, Brush, And Debris? Use A Skid Steer

Posted on: 19 November 2015

If you have a lot of land that you want to get ready for landscaping, you should consider using a skid steer to make things easier for you. There are different types available so you should have no problem finding one to do the job that you want to do. Two of these types are listed below.   Open End Skid Steer Brush Cutter An open end skid steer brush cutter is a high efficiency machine that can clear out a lot of land and other debris very quickly to save you a lot of time, as well as money.
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Twisted Leaves And Green Oranges: What Citrus Growers Should Know About The Asian Citrus Psyllid

Posted on: 11 November 2015

From California to Florida, citrus producers are fighting a formidable plant pest and the hideous tree-killing disease this little bug spreads around. Called the Asian citrus psyllid, this tiny, aphid-sized bug is thriving in some U.S. groves, and it's turning oranges into green, mangled mutants. Here's what citrus farmers need to know: Who is this grove invader? The Asian citrus psyllid (ACP), also known as Diaphorina citri, first made its American appearance in 1998 in Florida backyard plants.
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